• Air Laboratory

     The Air Laboratory provides analytical capabilities to meet indoor air quality regulations and to monitor vaporization levels of various constituents under the TO-14 and TO-15 methodologies.

     Sampling equipment includes one liter and six liter Summa canisters. We will supply these with regulators for time averaged samples or without regulators for discrete or grab samples. The Laboratory is equipped with Entech/Agilent Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry equipment and auto-sampler with multi-position cleaning station for efficient processing of samples.


  • TO-10 PCBs
  • TO-14
  • TO-15
  • TO-15 Low Level (NJ)
  • APH


  • Agilent 5975 with 7890 GC and HP Chemstation
  • Entech 7100AR Cyrogenic Concentrator - Cold Tap Dehydration
  • Entech 7500A Minican Autosampler with 9 Positions
  • Entech 3100A Canister Cleaner with Thermoscience Oven
  • Entech 4600A Dynamic Diluter

Air Chain Terms & Conditions

Media shall be returned in the same condition as received. If not returned in the same condition, full replacement cost will be billed. Contact the lab immediately if you suspect there is damage when received.
Media will be returned to the laboratory within 10 days of receipt.
Media not returned within the 10 days will be charged a per diem rental fee.