• Microbiology

     To insure compliance with EPA, State and local regulations for drinking water, wastewater, storm water run-off and recreational swimming areas, Phoenix offers a variety of microbiological procedures.


  • Coliform-Fecal
  • Coliform-Total
  • E-Coli
  • Enterococci
  • LT-2
  • Standard Plate Count


  • Baush & Lomb Microscope
  • GCA Precision Coliform Incubator Baths
  • Precision Gravity Convection Incubator
  • Market Forge Sterilmatic Autoclave
  • Vacuum Filtration System, 3 positions
  • Elconap Bacteriological Incubator
  • Blue M Stabil-Therm Bacteriological Incubator
  • Reihert-Juns Quebec Darkfield Colony Counter
  • Spectroline EA-160 UV light (366nm)
  • American UV Company UV box (254nm)
  • IDEXX Quanti-Tray Sealer
  • Mettler PE3600 Balance

“Your great service accompanies your competitive fees. The quick turnaround from sample collection to the time analysis reports are made available is something I look for and receive with your lab. I'm happy I was introduced to Phoenix!” —Certified Operator, CT